Centres of Excellence

Centre of Excellence in Aortic Disease

This Centre will promote multidisciplinary care and enable coordinated delivery of the most advanced aortic therapies in the world.

Centre of Excellence in Heart Rhythm Disease

This Centre will further position PMCC as an international leader in the investigation and treatment of heart rhythm disorders.

Centre of Excellence in Multinational Clinical Trials

Furthering PMCC’s foundation of research strengths, this Centre will provide resources to support innovative and ground breaking clinical trials research necessary to evaluate new devices and therapies.

Centre of Excellence in Molecular Medicine

This Centre will lead the way in ‘personalized’ patient care by integrating traditional clinical information with genetics, molecular, cellular and physiological data.

Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Valve Disease

This Centre will expand on a collaborative program focused on maintaining and strengthening PMCC’s valve program on the international stage.

Centre of Excellence in Heart Function

This Centre will strive to be one of the world’s leading research and educational programs in heart failure, with a focus on fellowship training and research in outcomes and mechanisms of heart disease.

Centre of Excellence in Adult Congenital Heart Disease

The Centre of Excellence in Adult Congenital Heart Disease will be at the forefront of clinical and research work, including: surgical and non-surgical intervention, patient education, professional counseling, diagnostics and imaging, evaluation for transplant operations, specialized care for higher risk patients during pregnancy and childbirth, and clinical trials.

Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Rehab

The Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Rehab will allow patients to better understand their heart condition and risk factors, along with the importance of a healthy lifestyle through an initial group orientation and education session.

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